Black Walnut Cafe

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People & Purpose

After serving up more than 15 years’ worth of Sunday brunches, sizzling burgers, and plates for every appetite and occasion, Black Walnut Cafe craved a tasteful update to their brand—one that would elevate their image and still preserve elements of their original identity. A reimagined brand system added a personable polish to menus, wayfinding signage, packaging, promotional materials, and more. The result? A fresh face for their expansion across Texas and into Georgia, Florida, and Oklahoma.


  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Writing
  • Website Design
  • Packaging System
  • Print System
  • Signage
  • Campaign Development
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Kudos NYC
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Nestled at the high end of the fast-casual dining category, BWC wanted to convey their ability to make the most of every guest’s time, whether that visitor is craving a quick coffee or a leisurely retreat. Their tagline expresses who they are at their core—a welcoming destination for anyone, any time—and sets the tone for the easygoing charm throughout the rest of their system.

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Excerpts from the BWC brand guidelines.

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