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A question?
A project?
A resumé or portfolio?
A design crush?


+ Is your name Principle, or Design by Principle?

Thank you for asking! It’s Principle. “Design by Principle” is our mantra. (And our URL.) Neat.

+ Are you hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent. And who doesn’t love a good freelance fling  every now and then? Send us a PDF of your work and your resume. We may not be hiring. But we just may not have met YOU yet.

+ I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for in your list of capabilities. Should I abandon all hope?

Certainly not. Never hesitate to reach out. We’re in the creative business for a reason; we love a new challenge and the chance to flex our ingenuity. (Or we have done what you’re looking for before and it’s just not on the list – thanks for the nudge.) If we don’t feel we’re the best person for the job, chances are we can refer you to someone who might be. Don’t be a stranger.

+ How does your pricing work?

No two clients are alike. Nor are their needs. We structure pricing on a per-project basis, after first carefully outlining your objective(s) and our proposed approach to making it happen. Have something in mind? Call us, or click here.

+ Do you have references or case studies you could share with me?

Absolutely. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’d be happy to put together a PDF, or even send you physical samples of relevant work. We are also happy to put you in touch with anyone we’ve been fortunate to partner with.

+ Do you hire men? There seems to be an abundance of lipsticked folk on your team page.

We love men. It’s just raining women right now. Mustached or mascara’d, if you’ve got talent, we’ve got interest.

+ What are these principles you’re so fond of naming yourself after?

Be nice. Do good work. Have fun. Ask why not? Pretty simple. It’s our mission to deliver beautiful design grounded in smart thinking, by impeccable standards, with the purpose of helping good people bring their brand to the next level. If we don’t believe in what we’re doing, well, we just won’t do it. We design by principle. Everybody wins.

+ What kind of cookies should we send you?

Anything from Tiff’s Treats. The current frontrunner is Chocolate Chip, but this is known to change by week. Check back frequently.

+ Are you available for speaking engagements?

We love speaking on behalf of design. To chat further about what you might be looking for, say hello.