Peace Love Dogs

Where training is a treat.

People & Purpose

A training-first facility just outside Houston, Peace Love Dogs (PLD) exists to bring pups and their people closer together by prioritizing patience and positive reinforcement. Here, everyone is welcome—and an engaging, educational environment helps dogs master the basics and beyond. As major dog lovers (plus a few cat enthusiasts we tolerate), we were thrilled to rebrand this top-notch facility from tip to tail.


  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Writing
  • Website Design
  • Print System
  • Presentation Materials
  • Signage
  • Merch System
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Kudos NYC
  • Joybrush Signs
  • Anna Dulin
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From our first meeting with the PLD team, it was evident that they pour passion and positivity into all aspects of their work. We worked to impart their compelling blend of buoyant energy and reassuring expertise across every touchpoint.

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Pillowy letterforms celebrate PLD’s warmth, while a fetching combo of vibrant and neutral colors imbues the brand with a quiet confidence uncommon in their space.

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Inspired by dogs’ wonderfully wiggly and messy imperfection, hand-drawn elements like scribble textures and contour illustrations add playful contrast across the system.

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PLD’s new site is part training philosophy, part onboarding for clients—helping them navigate a wide array of training, grooming, and boarding options without sacrificing one tail flick of friendliness.

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