Goode Co. Seafood

The gift of the Gulf.

People & Purpose

Like all Goode Company concepts, Goode Co. Seafood is rooted around the family’s rich history and knowledge of regional cuisine—in this case, founder Jim Goode’s childhood on the Texas and Louisiana coasts. The youngest of five kids, Jim’s skills fishing and crabbing were born of necessity, but deepened into an appreciation for all aspects of the process over time: the excitement of the catch, the satisfaction of harvesting and cooking the food as a family, the ritual of coming together to enjoy a homemade, hard-earned meal. Fishing trips became a staple pastime of the Goode family and their friends over the years, and especially for present-day president, Levi (Jim’s son), who has since carried on the tradition with more sea-spots around Houston, fed fresh from the Gulf.


  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Writing
  • Website Design
  • Print System
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Merch System


  • Kudos NYC
  • Mike Guillory
  • Jody Horton
  • Julie Soefer
  • Ken Manthei
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